CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB (3 lever) (200-615)

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Bring an added level of authenticity to your computer-based aviation adventures with the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB (3 lever) (200-615). Designed for an unparalleled degree of realism, this item features mixture, propeller, and throttle levers - in addition to its ergonomic control yoke - that enable users to operate just as they would in an actual airplane. That's not all! In addition to its 5 axes of aircraft control (roll, pitch, throttle, prop, and mixture), the unit boasts a whopping 20 button features that include a 2-way flap switch, a 2-way landing gear switch, 4 pushbuttons, an 8-way hat switch, and a pair of 2-way rocker switches. It also has a precision adjustment wheel for an ultra-exact, "just right" level of electronic centering.

To set up the yoke, simply connect the 7-ft cable's USB plug to your computer and its Plug & Play features will take care of the rest. Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/ME/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, Windows 10, iMac, or Mac (with USB port) operating systems. Includes a 3-year limited warranty. An incredibly capable, affordable computing product that's the closest you can get to the sky without ever leaving the ground.



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